Rembrandts Nachtwacht (Nightwatch)

untitled nightwatch

My Dutch heritage got the better of me.

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8 Responses to “Rembrandts Nachtwacht (Nightwatch)”

  1. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Wow. That was impressive and very entertaining. EXCELLENT, Gerard.


  2. roughseasinthemed Says:

    I like Rembrandt and the Rijksmuseum. Bit of an OTT stunt I have to say! Now, why did they use Beethoven for the music?


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yews, that Beethoven gets a bit overused on flash stunts. Anyway, its Christmas time.
    Here the running of shoppers has started. A tsunami of shoppers has swept through the main street taking everything in its path. We stay indoors and hope for the best. Stocked up on sardines and bread.


  4. Patti Kuche Says:

    Fantastic, loved very minute of it!

    Enjoy your sardines and bread Gerard, sounds perfect!


  5. Andrew Says:

    Flash mobs, Schiller / Beethoven, Ode to Joy and an Old Master. Where’s the bl*&*y shopping?????? I give up 🙂


  6. agadir excursions Says:

    very interesting blog , i follow you and will read you , and hope you the succeed, thanks for accepting me as a reader , happy new year


  7. berlioz1935 Says:

    Excellent video. Can one overuse Ode to Joy? Schiller really knew what he was talking about. The picture itself is one of my favourites. I saw ones a documentary were every bit of it was explained. Thanks for the Xmas gift. I hope you and all your followers have have a happy 2014.


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