Australia’s secret Purge against Asylum seekers

‘Deafening silence’ from Australian government.

The ABC’s political reporter in Canberra, Andrew Green, says the news of the drowning and of a second attempt to return asylum seekers to Indonesia has been met with a ‘deafening silence’ from the Australian government and participating agencies.

The Government is sticking by its policy of not commenting on the operational details of any intercepts at sea under Operation Sovereign Borders.

The next opportunity to question the Immigration Minister and his Commander will be at their scheduled briefing on Monday, frustrating efforts to accurately report on any operations by the Australian Navy off Java, Mr Green says.

“There has been deafening silence from the major agencies as well as the immigration office,” he said.

“All the agencies involved, Customs and immigration have been asked to refer all questions to the Immigration Minister’s office.

“But (Immigration Minister) Scott Morrison is on his way back from Papua New Guinea, and his office has been unavailable for comment.

“At this stage it is frustrating to get any kind of information about Australian involvement.”

Mr Green said that he had learned the three-star general in charge of operation borders had taken temporary leave and that Defence Force vice chief, Air Marshal Mark Binskin, was stepping in temporarily to oversee Operation Sovereign Borders.

Operations hint at new tougher approach under Tony Abbott

Interceptions of this kind, where Australian authorities hand asylum seekers back to Indonesian authorities after being asked to assist in their rescue, only happened once during the six years of the last Labor government.

On all other occasions when asylum seekers have been intercepted by Australian authorities, they have been taken to Christmas Island.

The ABC’s Parliament House bureau chief Greg Jennett said yesterday that while the first rescue did not strictly qualify as a boat “turnback”, it hinted at a new and tougher approach by Australia.

He says it could also establish a precedent with Indonesia whereby any call for Australian help with rescues or intercepts comes with a condition that the passengers will be handed back.

But the public may never know if such protocols exist.

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20 Responses to “Australia’s secret Purge against Asylum seekers”

  1. Rosie Says:

    While people are not told what is happening it is not on their minds. After all, as Abbott said, the boats are a “passing irritant” ! I hope Indonesia stays strong in their dissatisfaction of Abbott’s policy.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I hope Indonesia will tell Abbott to show some compassion and take on board those that are already on a boat to Australia trying to make a better life. Indonesia is already coping with so many more tens of thousands of desperate refugees within a small area of over 260.000.000 million Indonesian people.


  2. Patti Kuche Says:

    Yet Australian govts are always the first to sign troops to battles here, there and everywhere. On the grounds of freedom, democracy and human rights!


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    When it comes to war, no worries. In a way, this is also a war; albeit against those least able to fight back.
    This war is all about making political capital to remain in power. We have the Westminster system which is about being as adversarial as possible. This war has nothing to do with Australia being attacked or threatened. The numbers that arrive by boat are miniscule , a mere fraction of many tourists and others arriving by plane overstaying their visas.
    Abbott is a failed Jesuit student priest who during the election paraded his adult daughters around in white first communion dresses and stated that their virginity would be a precious gift to future husbands.
    Scott Morrison belongs to some kind of American based church where they fall over and then get caught by men wearing expensive suits. They also have own language while lolling their tongues around.


    • Rosie Says:

      Morrison – member of Shirelive Pentecostal Church which is an offshoot of Hillsong. And such a good christian that he opposed the Government paying the airfares of children whose boat sunk off Christmas Island to attend their drowned parents’ funerals. “Love thy neighbour”??? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”??? And he is our representative for Immigration and refugees! Australians should be deeply ashamed.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        I think that is the same church that has people on stage falling backwards as some kind of proof of God. There are two or three burly men dressed in suits catching them as they fall back, showing the good nature of God. ( I suppose)
        Morrison has blood on his hands, so, next time he appears on the Pentecostal stage ,let him fall hard.


  4. petspeopleandlife Says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs which makes Australia look bad. But what actaully looks bad are the a– politicians.


  5. Lottie Nevin Says:

    This makes grim reading and Yvonne is right, it’s not a good message that the Australian government is sending out to the world. The more I read about Abbott, the more I dislike him. He sounds evil to me. How many years is he going to be in power?


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Three years Lottie. Hopefully, something will happen such as a challenge by others or, better still, some other event perhaps of an unforseen medical nature.
      One would have thought with the latest calamity of over fifty having drowned and more still missing Australia would have shown some compassion and allowed the survivors safe passage to Australia. No can do!
      Just the stony heartless face of a ‘real bastard (c#@t’,) Abbott slinking inside his car. The ultimate coward.


  6. berlioz Says:

    I agree with everything you all say and write. This government is the worst, immoral and unethical in our history. They are only one step removed from Fascism. I wonder how long it will take until the populace will revolt. The media is still playing the government’s game. But they should come around on the site of the truth and human rights.


  7. berlioz Says:

    This is the latest news


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      So where are the protestors, the students and their professors, the labourers, the nurses and the teachers the masses seething with discontent about how Morrison is allowed to brutalise all of us?
      Where are the rocks being hurled at Australian embassies by the over one million expats living overseas…
      Where indeed are we all? Are Hawthorn balls all that matter?


  8. gerard oosterman Says:

    This is how Malta deals with boat people;

    The Maltese PM said Malta understood that irregular migrants were “caught in a web of poverty and exploitation”.

    “We feel for those fleeing prosecution and poverty, in search of safety and prosperity. And we do everything we can to provide them with the help they need, offering refuge and respite. Yet, Malta cannot do this alone,” he insisted.
    “Australia is a big country”, yep, especially compared to the 120 sq mile island of Malta.


  9. chris hunter Says:

    On the Ellis blog people are debating the merits of using descriptors that infer the genitalia of humans. But while they debate the merits of such usage a large number of hapless refugees continue to drown of our coastline. Is this another definition of Nero fiddling while Rome burns?


  10. ThePoliticalVagina Says:

    Reblogged this on thepoliticalvagina and commented:
    Deafening Silence!
    I like that Gerard, awesome piece of writing!


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