The Foot-rest Car deal.

untitledI never knew this, but cars have wells. A foot-well; and it is where your feet are when driving. (Another definition is an example of sentences with their pronunciation, according to Mr Oxford dictionary). Let’s stick with the car foot-well for the sake of this piece of writing.

This is going to be a boys’ piece, so be warned ladies!

For a couple of years we have been driving a car without a foot rest. Unbelievably as it sound and just at the age where many have gout stools, we have a car without a foot rest at the bottom of the foot well. It means your left foot is kind of hanging at half-mast with the toe part pointing upwards. After a couple of hours driving it feels as if your foot has given up the will to go on any further.

This was one reason we thought of getting another car with a foot rest. Without compromise on foot comfort we went straight to a dealer of cars and looked for a model with foot-rests. I know that many people would have car priorities in different areas of requirements but believe me, we wanted just a good foot-rest. If the car had four wheels and an engine as well, so much the better.

”Could you show us a car with foot rests, please’’, we asked the salesman who already observed us from the moment we stepped into the Peugeot/ Volvo/Skoda dealership yard. ’All cars have foot-rests’, he smiled. ‘’Not our Holden Cruze,’ we answered with expert car nous. (We didn’t want to come across as elderly car ignoramuses.) ‘’ Ah, well, you are talking just Holden,’’ he quipped but still friendly. ‘’Perhaps you are after European comfort with a smooth overall superior technical suspension,’’ it sounded as if out of a Peugeot prayer book delivered from the pulpit of the Notre Dame.

‘’Yes, but also with good foot rests, can you show us some,’’ we demanded firmly. ‘’We have several with similar outputs as your Cruze but with far more comfort and good stabilizer controls.’’ The French know a thing or two about comfort and style,’’ he added while looking at Helvi, smelling a sale. He went even further; ‘’you know how good the French are in designing good comfortable yet stylish shoes?’’ ‘’Oh, yes, so much better than here,’’ she answered him. The salesman was on the home run now having observed Helvi’s very Paris looking shoes and fashionable colourful silk scarf. ‘’You are wearing lovely matching ear-rings,’’ he smoothed on.

‘’Just show me the Peugeot with the footrests, please,’’ I curtly stated, not to be left out totally and hoping to gain back the upper foot and my authority in the coming deal. He obliged by opening a few car doors here and there. My foot honed in on the foot-rests on the left of the foot-well. The Peugeot had by far the widest and most comfortable foot rest.
After a ‘free’ coffee, compliments of the yard dealer across the road in an antiques cum old wares cum books cum coffee shop we mulled over the trade-in of our foot-rest-less Cruze and agreed to get the Peugeot 407, 2009 model with low kilometres and great foot-rest.

We are picking it up today.

Our feet deserved it.

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22 Responses to “The Foot-rest Car deal.”

  1. Lottie Nevin Says:

    Great choice – I’m a big fan of Peugeots or ‘Pewg-ot’s as they are referred to by those unfamiliar with La Langue Francaise. I’m excited about driving my battered old Citreon down to Spain at the end of next month. The French do make good motors. I wish you and Helvi many a happy ‘promenade en voiture’ in your new motor.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      It is a nice experience finding somewhere to put the left foot. Can’t wait fore your next adventure in Spain. Will you miss the Nasi goreng with the ayam and sambal?


      • Lottie Nevin Says:

        I’m not going to lie, no is the answer. I love sambal but I’m craving fresh salads, and mediterranean food again.I find Indonesian food very greasy and almost everything is fried. Considering they have so much wonderful fresh produce there is nothing to compare with the salad dishes of Thailand or Vietnam which I really enjoy. Probably my favourite dish here is Soto Ayam or just a plain bowl of nasi puti with a squirt of kecap manis!


  2. Rosie Says:

    My god, a car salesman who didn’t direct all the conversation to the “bloke” and actually included Helvi in the discussion. Wonders will never cease!


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, he had observed the situation well. There is hope for young men trying to sell cars. A new breed!
      Ps. Helvi was also give a huge bunch of flowers.
      Helvi said; I feel like I am getting married again! I thought that was very witty. 😉


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I am sure, Abbott would try and prevent Helvi from buying a car at all costs. He has ‘allowed’ one woman in his cabinet. Even that must have really hurt. How could Australia ever have voted for him?


  3. Steve Gingold Says:

    Ha! I just bought a new vehicle and, to tell you the truth, the footrest was not anything I had thought about. My old Caravan did not have one. My new Mazda does. I like it. 🙂
    Congratulations on your new ride, Gerard.


  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Drive it in good health Gerard and Helvi!


  5. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Gerard, another good one. Loved the tale of you and Mrs. O shopping for a car. Car salesman are apparently alike in every country. Maybe a bit worse here expecially if one is in the market for a pre-owned which up until a few years back were called “used.”

    I am so glald that you got the foot rest. I drive a 98 GMC 4×4 double cab pickup. There is no foot rest per se but I thought all vehilces were driven with the left foot firmly planted on the floor board.

    I have learned something new here. Wonders never cease. 🙂


  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, your 4+4 double cab probably has a reasonably flat floor. Our (previous Cruze had a floor steeply going up which meant the foot would point up as well.
    In the Peugeot the foot is on a 90 degree to the rest of the leg, heaven!
    Even so, a car is still just a metal box that rolls around a bit.


  7. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Our first “car” when we married was the oldest pickup the trucking company my father-in-law owned. I guess it was on its last legs, and my husband thought we might as well make use of it. I took the bus to work. It had a floorboard through which you could watch the road passing by beneath you. It probably had a top speed of 50 MPH (just kidding). We went to a fancy dinner at a beautiful hotel in our evening clothes driving it, and the valet graciously parked it somewhere for us as if it were the finest Cadillac. A lot has transpired in the past 67 years, in cars and people.


  8. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    More or less unblemished record. A couple of speeding tickets but by and large, not too bad.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I now realised I did once get a speeding ticket when riding my Triumph motor cycle. It was an ex cop bike. I would have been about 18 years old, Since then, “Ä gold Driver’s license”, meaning no traffic offence record.
      You have a record of speeding, Kayti? I always sensed you were a fast girl. 🙂


  9. Patti Kuche Says:

    Is the left foot rest near the clutch? Enjoy your new motoring!


  10. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    I did get out of one ticket many years ago ,when pulled over for driving erratically, by telling the officer my girdle had crept up and I was pulling it down. I asked him if it had ever happened to him? Glad no one wears the silly things anymore. Of course, years later it didn’t work when I told him I had 29 dragons drying out n the back seat of my Karmann Ghia. I still got the ticket for speeding.


  11. gerard oosterman Says:

    Silly things, girdles? I saw a woman in The Hague once lifting her dress to adjust her girdle or stocking. She modestly had turned towards the shop window. Even so, I lived off that image for years and am only getting over it now. I was 14.
    Driving a Karmann Ghia?
    I knew it.


  12. Andrew Says:

    One of the few remaining consolations of living in HK is that it is impossible to drive for two hours unless you are going in circles or stuck in traffic. It isn’t big enough. So foot rests don’t really feature high on my list. I like economy, good visibility, lots of room and lots of storage places – phone, water, Octopus card, wallet, Mrs. Ha, all have to be within easy reach. Lots of air bags too as HK drivers are totally and utterly crap. They have no peripheral vision, no understanding of roundabouts and they drive in one of two ways: snail’s pace in the outside land or like Stirling Moss going round Brand’s Hatch, weaving in and out without signalling at breakneck speeds. However next time we trade in I shall be sure to look for a good foot rest but I shall never, ever buy a French car. There are limits. Vorsprung durch Technik as the Chinese say.


  13. Office Diva Says:

    Traveling is no fun if one arrives at one’s destination with dogs a-barking, so I support you in your quest for pedi-comfort.

    My left foot falls asleep only when I am wearing one particular shoe. I think that means something, but I don’t want to give up those shoes. I am at a fashion/comfort crisis. Perhaps I need to investigate this European foot-rest phenomenon, if only to save my shoes from the dumpster.

    Over the years, as I have become enamored with used vehicles, and therefore experienced many trips to the mechanic’s shop, I have scaled down my requirements for a car into one; when I turn the key, it goes. No pushing or roadside rescue. Now that’s the ride for me!


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