The Sofa


The Sofa
For many years we have sat on a sofa and matching armchair. We bought it second hand from a road-side farm selling old wares and semi-antiques. We had it upholstered into a nice warm dusty pink- mauve velvet material.

Its level of comfort is such that I sit in it more than is desirable. I often think I should get up and do something but the lure of its softness and comfort is hard to resist. Anyway, you can never sit enough, I reckon. The world hurries by in so many cars on highways, what’s that all about?

Large trucks have Logistics and Solutions written on them in large lettering. Surely that is tautology? The frantic nightmares of most people on the move I can only help by reflection, introspection and writing. What better way than to sit on a comfortable sofa. I have done my part in manically moving about for many years. Time for sitting has arrived.

Actually, I probably sit behind my type writer more than on the sofa and in between both, do a lot of walking around with H and Milo, the incorrigible JRT. Another reason why we find leaving the sofa hard to leave lately is that the springs have gone. When seated we are almost level with the ground. Our knees stick up like flag poles. For some months now we are debating almost daily what to do about it. Of course being seated so low and sunk in comfort we generally keep on talking about it but rarely actually get up and do something. A bit like Sydney’s second airport! Year after year it gets talked about but nothing happens.

Anyway; at our age getting up from such low posture we often remain sunk in or on the sofa. If we want to avoid a pre-mature demise by expiring on the sofa, it now has become almost a medical emergency to do something urgently. We are still managing to get up from the sofa by moving forward onto all fours with knees on the floor and then drag each other up somehow. It is exhausting work and defeats the long stays on the sofa. But, what can you do?

Have we left it all too late now?
Not really,


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13 Responses to “The Sofa”

  1. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Old worn out anything is always the best. Vehicles, furniture, old barns , old houses, old people…

    Do get new seating arrangements before you hurt yourselves.

    I am joking here but who knows…


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Exactly right. A new sofa would never be in sympathy with us. We are going to fix the present one, bugger the expense. All our belongings are past treasures and travelled with us to and fro Europe and Australia.
      The sofa was bought some time ago, even then it was old.


  2. Lottie Nevin Says:

    This so reminds me of a sofa that we once had. Finding a really comfortable sofa is no easy task so I can understand your reticence to go out and have to find a replacement.

    Ages ago I saw an advertisement in one of the Sunday supplements for some dinky ‘seat-ejector’ thing. It was in the section advertising ‘aids’ for elderly readers. If I remember rightly, it is a rectangular portable affair with a spring-like structure underneath that you place on your chair/sofa before sitting down.

    If I can find a link for it I will post it on here, it may well be the answer to your prayers and no more carpet burns for you and H. I think you could have hours of fun with it and save a small fortune on having to buy a new sofa – I may get one too 😀


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, but those chairs look awful. Some kind of handle on the side which you pull and you get ejected onto your feet. No-way Lottie. I’d rather pull my own handle (: and get on my feet au naturelle 😉 )
      You are right about finding a comfy sofa. Very difficult.
      However, we are getting the dodgy springs taken out and replaced with high density foam. It will cost a small fortune but we will have our own beloved sofa. It has seen so much action and family life. Our kids, grandchildren all have sat on it. Part of the family on its own.


  3. solidgoldcreativity Says:

    “If we want to avoid a pre-mature demise by expiring on the sofa …” hehe. Shouldn’t that be “in the sofa”? What a laugh, Gerard.


  4. auntyuta Says:

    Love the video: hearing the music and looking at the joyful dancing made my day. Thanks for this. Good luck with the major repair to your sofa!


  5. Andrew Says:

    I like the idea of the foam interior. You can get matresses that mold themselves to your sleeping position so why not have a sofa that’s shape is self sculpted. Don’t give away the typewriter, Gerard. It will soon be an antique and valuable.

    Today has been my first official post- illness out day and I am behind with my blogs. It is good to come back to your comfy sofa world. I think it is on a par with my immune system in terms of state of repair.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Jees, you must have had a decent flu. I suffered for a few years but now get a flu shot every year and a pneumonia boost shot every five years. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
      I loved your shot of the Praying Mantis.


  6. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    That must be quite a sight Gerard. You and H and Milo all dragging yourselves across the floor. The average JTR could probably propel all of you at once to save time. Your sofa sounds like a mauve equivalent of the old fashioned feather bed. Comfy and warm. Nice on a cold winter evening in front of the TV.


  7. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    So glad the sofa will live to fight another day. I hung on to the one from when we got married against all opposition, then a couple of years ago my daughters were in need of a small comfy sofa and when I offered to recover it our old one, they had turned up with their chosen material in no time. It flourishes still.


  8. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, there is nothing like an old sofa to continue telling family tales. Thank you Hillary.


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