A Brilliant political Orator

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Mr ALBANESE (Member for Grayndler) said:

Today my grievance is against the Prime Minister (Mr Howard) for his failure to provide leadership. You can trim the eyebrows; you can cap the teeth; you can cut the hair; you can put on different glasses; you can give him a ewe’s milk facial, for all I care; but, to paraphrase a gritty Australian saying, ‘Same stuff, different bucket.’

In the pantheon of chinless blue bloods and suburban accountants that makes up the Australian Liberal Party,this bloke is truly one out of the box. You have to go back to Billy McMahon to find a Prime Minister who even approaches this one for petulance, pettiness and sheer grinding inadequacy. …

But the gulf, Mr Deputy Speaker, between the man in his mind – the phlegmatic, proud old English bulldog – the Winston of John Winston Howard – and the nervous, jerky, whiny apparition that we all see on the box every night. When he looks on the box he gets to see what we see – not the masterful orator of his mind but the whingey kid in his sandpit. Spare a thought for us, Mr Deputy Speaker, because we have to watch this performance every day – the chin and top lip jutting out in ‘full duck mode’. This prime ministership is not about the future of our nation. It is about John Winston Howard’s past. …

John Winston Howard grew up in the inner west of Sydney. His father owned a service station on the corner of the street where I now live. These were the halcyon days of little Winston’s life – when the working classes knew their place and when all migrants were British. Lucky John Winston Howard moved further north across the harbour. He certainly would not be comfortable living in the inner west of Sydney any more. A bit too much change for his lifetime.

John Howard has always been proud to call himself a conservative. The problem I think is that he has confused this with preservative. … Because it all started going wrong in the late 1960s. Here is a man who lived at home until he was 32. You can imagine what he was like. Here were young Australians demonstrating against the Vietnam War, listening to the Doors, driving their tie-dyed kombi vans, and what was John Howard doing? He was at home with mum, wearing his shorts and long white socks, listening to Pat Boone albums and waiting for the Saturday night church dance. Yes, it all started to go wrong back in the 1960s. Radical and sinister notions of equality for women, world peace and, dare I say it, citizenship rights for indigenous Australians.


So what do we hear when we listen to John Winston Howard today? We hear the hatred and resentment in his voice – the sort of hatred and resentment we saw at the reconciliation conference last year – hatred and resentment from a man who was never part of the scene, who was not accepted, for whom a different life was too big a leap and who took refuge in a previous generation. You can see it in his instinctive hatred of any progression, and he sees it everywhere – policies of social inclusion, multiculturalism, women’s liberation, Aboriginal reconciliation. In all of them he only ever sees the jump he was too weak to make decades ago.

Now he wants the whole nation to stay back and keep him company. Punch `Howard’ and `multiculturalism’ into the Hansard database. You will find he has never mentioned the word. … This is the man we have leading the country – a man who is so instinctively petty and so bitterly obsessed that he could craft an entire parliamentary career without mentioning the word `multiculturalism’ and what that represents, because it is an idea he is opposed to. He is positive]y Orwellian in his pettiness. This is a smallness of mind, a meanness with breathtaking scope.

It is a small thing really but remember when the Spice Girls came to Australia at the beginning of the year? … What did he say? He said it would not be ‘appropriate’ to meet with them. That is vintage John Winston Howard. If he really did not want to meet them he could have just said he was on holiday at Hawks Nest. But he could not resist. He could not resist telling the youth of Australia that he thought they were infantile and stupid and therefore it would be inappropriate to meet these people. …

This is the man we have leading this country – yesterday’s man, a weak man, a little man, a man without courage and a man without vision. Billy McMahon in short pants. This is the man who has brought the full force of his personality to bear on Australia. Australia is now learning what it is like live life through John Howard’s eyes. This is the man whose only aim in the end – forgetting the prime ministership – was to pay back all those who had tried to stop him along the way.

Australia is a better country than that and Australians are better people than that. Australians are, if we are anything, a courageous people. So steeped in conservative values and fear of what is new is John Winston Howard that, if he were born before the Wright brothers, he would have organised a campaign against air travel of any description on the grounds that it was new and potentially dangerous. He is an antique, a remnant of the past that should be put on display, but not in government and certainly not in a leadership position, for anachronisms belong in museums and historical texts, not in parliament. Australians deserve a courageous leader; they do not deserve the kind of leader that used to dob on them in the schoolyard. They do not deserve John Winston Howard and in time they will put him out to pasture. Roll on that day, come the federal election.

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21 Responses to “A Brilliant political Orator”

  1. gerard oosterman Says:

    In Australia we need a new way;
    This would be mine.
    I would make a good candidate and immediately introduce free tulips for all and compulsory Jack Russell Terrors in all homes and backyards. There would be no shirking away from long walks and tree trunk smelling, nor from lentils with rookworst.
    Communal Singing between 1-2 pm with Berlioz Apfel strudel mit cinnamon afterwards. All cokes and Big Macs would be chased into the river of discontents together with mining magnates and conservatives with climate sceptics manacled to their knee socks and red jumpers.
    All boat people would be housed in parliament and feted with garlands of daffodils around their shoulders with boundless curried kipflers (Dutch potatoes) at their feet.
    That’s just for starters.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    No, spot on Rosie.
    That dreadful photo of him this morning in the Daily Telegraph. One could almost tell he wasn’t/was circumcised, depending on ones religion. Yuk, Just when I was biting into my second almond biscuit.


  3. Rosie Says:

    Gerard: Please, please, please tell me you don’t really BUY the Daily Telegraph but only saw that front page on the Net? I see you got my comment back. Today is a day to Youtube Judy Small singing “You Don’t Speak for Me”. And please play it with gusto! The second version on Youtube is more mellow.


  4. Rosie Says:

    Forgot to add – yes that photo was as revealing as the Speedos he loves wearing. Strange, really. It is like he has to prove that he is a bloke! Very strange. He certainly enjoys showing off his body as though it were something special – and it is not! And that is not sour grapes.


  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    I am waiting with baited breath what those two journalists arriving by the latest asylum seekers boats are going to expose Australia to. They had proper papers.
    One is Dutch, the other American and are supposed to work for the New York Times.



    • Rosie Says:

      Perfectly timed arrival too. There should be some great photos as one is a photographer and the other a journalist. The journalist is based in Kabul and has written for the New York Times while the photographer has had photos published in the Wall Street Journal. It is nice to have a journalist in Australia – I cannot call people who work for the Murdoch press “journalist” as a journalist is supposed to present an unbiased view.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Here is one of the the journalist you might respond to directly.
        (Glad Mirabella and her menacing masticating jaw might have gone too. .)


        If you feel you support them, please say so and e-mail or tweet to the above address.


      • Rosie Says:

        Powerful phototgraphy from Joel van Houdt. Mirabella? I try to not get caught up with personalities too much in politics but she really is a nasty person. I sincerely hope she is out – although I know the Independent Cathy McGowan is a Conservative.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Anyone would be better than Mirabella. Cathy is probably still a right leaner but according to some, she is a down to earth country woman. Amazing how she seems to have managed to unhinge M.


  6. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Oh yes. Conservative politicians. All are a crock of doo-doo. Can’t stand there pompous rear ends, expecially the ones who wear lycra bike shorts. Must be advertising his wares. We have that kind over here too. God help our countries.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Do they were Lycra there as well? Here half the nation is now in Lycra. They park their bikes right next to where I am having my coffee. They (men) all have a look of walnuts in a sock about them and don’t wear underpants. Milo sniffs them out and cocks his leg against their bikes. Good boy Milo, Good boy!
      Why can’t people ride bikes like they do in Paris or Amsterdam?

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  7. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Love Mr Albanese getting that lot off his chest. I’d buy most of your lifestyle principles – though perhaps not the Jack Russells and the curried kipflers.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Anything against Dutch potatoes? 🙂 What about tulips? We are just about having the annual tulip festival in Bowral where we live. Tens of thousands of tourists will be arriving from all over the place. I loved your garden. Ah, England with it’s fertile soil and generous rains.


  8. gerard oosterman Says:

    It now looks as if Mirabella might still hold on. How depressing.


  9. paul walter Says:

    Yep, keep Albanese. There are many duds in parliament, we need him more than ever.


  10. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    What do you think of your new one?


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Pretty bad. Kayti’.’A man driven by ‘market’ beliefs. A Government that prefers billionaires to working men. A supporter of ‘private’ schools and hospitals and selling our boundless resources to the highest bidders instead of a country such as Norway, where they have kept control of income from their resources (oil).
      Norway is a rich country. Australia is rich only for a few chosen. Our new PM will follow that track. A pity.
      My dad and mum made a mistake but even so, we have found our happiness here in spite of Australia being a bit lost.


  11. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    ‘Market beliefs’. A common affliction of politicians. It doesn’t seem to be the case here this time, but there are other things I’m not sure of. We need to take over the country!


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