The conversion of Abbott to Islam.

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Will Abbott’s conversion to Islam work better?

November 22, 2011

Well, if Catholicism was going to save us from the evils of gambling or the moral wishy washiness of our leaders, might it be prudent to look elsewhere for answers? All our heavenly hope was vested in a leadership that would be benign, kind and benevolent. So much hope got washed upon the shores of Christmas Island and despite promises that things would change for the better, it just doesn’t seem to have happened. Boatpeople are still languishing for years in detention. Suicides almost part of the acceptance and par for course with being a boat person. That’s what they do, don’t they? We provide them with three square meals, a bed and a flat screen television. If that’s not enough, that’s just tough titty. Go and jump. Our hearts of stone will not be moved.

If we think changing leaders at the next round of elections and chose the opposite side of the road, think again. The flipping and flopping about by Abbott is just so mind boggling, one wonders if his stint with the Jesuits did more harm than good. It is amazing how anyone making claims to having enjoyed a Christian grounding and professing to have a belief in a good and benevolent God can in this same strand of theological forbearance and profound insight and in the same breath also ‘predict’ the rescinding of sensible poker legislation. We know that there are more bad things as well, alcohol, obesity, smoking, drugs and much more that have proven to be so damaging to hundreds, if not millions of people of people. But, we made inroads in smoking but are now not able to take on the pokies. Why not? Where is the God in Abbott?

Perhaps it is time to ask; where is the Allah in Australia? If society is crumbling even with our long held beliefs in Christianity, should we swap for something a bit more solid, a bit more reliable, and a bit gutsier? Of course, no- one is heralding the entry of religion in our government and we all dearly want to remain secular, but it would not be all that silly in contemplating how we would feel having a Member of Parliament, a Minister, if not a Prime Minister, holding Islamic beliefs. What would we feel about a female MP for the seat of Bennelong wearing a headscarf or a white robed Government Minister for defence, for example? Could we cope, seeing we are hardly capable of accepting a couple of thousand from those hotbeds of Islam, Afghanistan and Iraq?

Might it not be wise and prudent to add up and balance some of the positives of Islam and its culture? They are against gambling and would most certainly soon sort out our gambling addiction. They do enjoy breeding and racing with horses, don’t they? So, it doesn’t seem that bad. They don’t want a drop of alcohol (can you blame them, look at us)? Smoking the water-pipe and chewing khat leaves are ok. So is a bit of hashish, smoked or inhaled.

One aspect that seems to surprise many, especially those brainwashed by the extreme anti-Islamists factions a la The Bolts, The Jones and the Ackermans, is the fact that women tend to be far more up front than in many western countries, both socially and politically. Did we not bear witness to the raised fists of so many women during the uprisings in Egypt, Libya and now Syria? We seem to forget that tradition and the prevailing culture determine the role of women more than Islam or the Quran. In Egypt as in some West African countries it is the women who hold the purse strings. Egypt had female Queens, even female Kings and they still have retained a much more matriarchal society that we are so reluctant to give credit for. On the other hand in nomadic societies it might be the male who plays a dominant role with patriarchy ruling domesticity.

So, you see. It is not as simple as we might believe and there are big differences even within the same country or the same religion. Islam is as diverse as Christianity is in our own western world.

We, here in Australia have the Friday night spectre of the pub’s ‘meat tray raffle’, or ‘happy hour’ with reduced prices for schooners. What do you think people from Islamic countries might make out of those peculiar cultural oddities? The pushing of buttons on glittering and light flickering machines by ladies with blue or pink hair could also easily be seen as a strange voodoo like habit. And so it goes on, so many differences but also many similarities. We all share love, sadness, joy, vanity, modesty, greed, brutality, friendliness, hatred, spite, generosity, togetherness, loneliness ET all.

We need to be far more tolerant and informative about the rest of the world, especially when borders disappear and so many people with all sorts of credos are roaming to find peace and happiness.

May Allah be with us also.


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4 Responses to “The conversion of Abbott to Islam.”

  1. nick Says:

    How Some Muslims work around the NO Gambling on horse racing . . .
    According to the Holy Quran, gambling was an evil habit of the Arab society. The Arabs used the horse-races for the purpose of gambling also. One party was always the looser while the other was winner and gainer. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) disallowed such type of betting. However to make this transaction lawful, he suggested that if a third person or a party without any betting be included in the race, then the betting of the first two parties would become lawful and considered as a prize. This third person or the party was given the title of ‘MohalliP i.e. the one who makes the transaction of betting-cum-prize money lawful.
    Hadith about the legality of ‘Mohallil’ has been reported by Imam Abu Daud on the report of Hazrat Abu Hurrarah. (Ibid, p-84).
    As ‘Mohallil’ was an important person for legalizing the betting and converting it into prize-money, the Muslim jurists had explained it in greater details with practical examples. The chapter on horse-races in all the books of Islamic jurisprudence starts with the importance of the horse for the Muslim society. It has been mentioned there that for the defence of the Islamic State, breeding of good horses is obligator on all Muslims and for this purpose horse racing is allowed in Islamic society. Details of all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence about this issue are similar but for our purpose, the details contained in the books of Hanafite jurisprudence would be sufficient as this school is followed by the majority of the Muslims in our country.
    These are as under: ‘Everybody should know that the betting for rewarding the winning horse in the horse race is only allowed if it is offered from one party of the race. If the party betting the prize-money, itself wins the race then it will retain its betting money itself and the loosing party would not have to pay anything. The other legal form of the betting is that a third person offers a bet-money for the winning horse. But it would be illegal if both the parties taking part in the race equally betted for the purpose as it falls under the definition of gambling. However if a third person or a party enters the contest without any betting, then the whole transaction would become legal provided the horse of this third party is equal to the horses of the first two parties in all respects. In Islamic terminology, this third person or party is called ‘Mohallil’ i.e. the one who makes the transaction lawful. In this situation if the horse of the ‘Mohallil’ wins the race, then all the betmoney will go to him as a prize and if one of the first two parties wins, it would not demand anything from the ‘Mohallil’ but instead may take all the bet-money offered as prize-money. In this type of horse race, the ‘Mohallil’ has to pay nothing. However he gains if his horse wins the race and loses nothing in any case. (Al-Fiqah ala Mazahib al-Urba vol: II, p-86, 87).


  2. nick Says:

    Gerard if you look at the rest of the worlds refugee centres, Australia has the best by far. All of the others are in dire need of upgrades, conditions are slum like at best. There are centres which have their Third generation of children living in them.

    So why are the Australian centres trashed? I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be waiting for answers, but surely the current situation for the detainees here is a thousand times better than where they have just come from so why all the anger,after all they could be in any refugee camp in the world.


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    except that many of the world’s countries also have no detention in camps but prefer to deal with their applications while they live among the general population, kids go to schools and in some circumstances are allowed to work and earn money. (pay tax)
    I hope we are not comparing the conditions in Nauru with Somalia or Pakistan?


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