The new Fashionista Sista


It just never stops;

Good news is hard to come by with the exception of today. The ABC and SBS both came out with news that would gladden anyone’s heart. During the National Garage sale held today, it was promoting that more and more people instead of chucking stuff on the tip, are selling unwanted items at garage sales. Thousands of garage sales were held today. A famous fashionista sista was even stating she wasn’t shy of telling people that the stunning dress she was wearing cost her $2 at a garage sale.  Next breakthrough would come if a well known couple; say Kylie Sandilands and that girl Jacky Oi could be shown on a well presented video clip to lounge on a dated or superfluous mattress. Now, that would really clean our suburbs. Well worn and conjugally proven mattresses would probably fetch quite a bit and fly out of the garage stall and hence off the kerbs on our streets…

Of course, the precedent for the popularity of second hand items especially fashion items were set by the fashion industry itself. Look around and young people spend hundreds of dollars on items that already look ragged and even torn while brand new. I was on a train not long ago and saw a girl in shorts so badly torn and worn I had to be held back by Helvi not to take out needle and cotton to offer a quick repair on the train.  They are Armani shorts Helvi told me, cost at least $499.- a pair on ‘special’, and if you are lucky enough to find them, she added…My mother would have been aghast for anyone to have holes in clothing but all that pauper look is now haute couture and frantically sought after. No wonder no one is knitting and sewing anymore. I believe that some items during their production are mangled with rocks and put routinely on railway tracks to get the desired torn look.

The next good news item came from today’s week-end paper heralding in the business section that those large shopping malls are slowly being deserted, especially by tenants. Tenants are being offered free rents to stay in them. People are returning to the corner shop and are turned off by the driving and parking at those malls. In America they are trying to woe shoppers back with building apartments inside and above them. Not so silly. Not a single mall has been built since 2006 in the US.

Well, let’s hope the US is finally leading the world in something good and beneficial.

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