Travel adventures behind the Computer.

It’s almost two years since our departure from our lovely farm. We have nestled down very nicely. The books have found their place on the shelves, knives and forks in the right trays and chairs’ restless rotating around different spots have calmed as well.

It is strange how with age one seems to find domestic permanency a much more pressing need than when young. Moving around comes with youth. I was looking at the travel section of the Herald yesterday. “Fancy fourteen days on a Rhine cruise” I asked H? “I don’t know”, “depends on the company that we might have to share the dining table with”, answered H.

Too right, just imagine the horrors of some pro-Hanson or anti boat people sharing the lasagna with, or, leaning over the railing surveying yet another Castle perched on a rocky outcrop at Karlsruhe, a remark “ I wonder how Mavis is going with her divorce from that bastard Jason at Wollongong?”

We have perused many travel options and all seem to have lost the appeal of exploration or sight-seeing. I am and was never one to visit ‘sights’ and the Niagara Falls or Machu Picchu will have to forget the Oostermans ever visiting them. The ‘Mother Temple’ in Bali might have to be included as well. We never managed to go there despite having visited that island of magic many times. Walt Disney’s fun parks, oh no never. Never even been a fan of comic strips except ‘Eric the Norseman’,  which my dear old Aunt Agnes would cut out of her Amsterdam newspaper and sent it by post to me in The Hague. I remember one episode whereby a man’s head was chopped off by a large and evil man lifting his sword. I dwelled on that for months. I read yesterday, that children are naturally drawn to stories that include much sadness. Chopping a head off is a sad thing, very permanently sad.

The one travel option we are still dwelling over is the possibility of going to France or Italy and just rent an apartment and live a bit like the locals, observe all the going ons of a ‘normal life’ but set in a different country with different language and cultural habits. I’ll just have to Google all the available apartments in Rome or Paris.

I’ll put on the coffee now, can’t wait to go and travel around on the Internet.

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7 Responses to “Travel adventures behind the Computer.”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I’m with you here, Gerard. Internet travel can sometimes seem so much safer, a way pf protecting ourselves from those who might offend our sensibilities and yet there has to be something said for the real thing, only I prefer it these days in my imagination.


  2. lonia scholvinck Says:

    TIP: ” Elize was here” for renting a house in Italy or Greece!


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    Of course, before giving up on travel, visit the Dieng Plateau first It is in central Java. A magic place.
    We were there many years ago after visiting Borobudur while staying at Yokyakarta.


  4. auntyuta Says:

    Hi, Gerard! I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying in this blog. I wonder whether you still know friends or relatives in Holland?

    My husband and I originate from Berlin, Germany. We’ve been back there many times since our migration to Australia in 1959. We plan on going once more for a visit to Berlin.

    We found on the internet a self-contained unit right in the centre of Berlin. We are going to stay there for two months! We expect to meet a number of relatives and friends while staying in Berlin.

    In 1990 we stopped over in Paris and in Rom. Also Venice and Austria. We enjoyed this trip very much.

    Going back to my childhood, I remember, my brother and I, we loved to be frightened by horrible things we heard about in fairy tales. The more frightening, the better!

    Thanks for stopping over at some of my blogs!

    Uta, from South of Wollongong.


  5. auntyuta Says:

    I can’t help myself, I want to do another comment, that is concerning your introduction to this blog. It sounds like you are well settled where you are now. Everything in perfect order. How I envy you! We moved to our present home nearly eighteen years ago. So much has accumulated. We have to, just have to sort things out. There are still a few months left before we go on our long trip. I wished we could accomplish some throwing out of superfluous things till then. Writing about it might help me perhaps to really put my mind to it. I think it’s called ‘uncluttering’.


  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    We have had to throw some stuff out but most of anything usable went to Vinnies or the Salvos. We lived on a huge farmhouse for many years and before that lived for twenty years in inner Sydney.
    My wife is pretty good and we both like simplicity.
    We had a rule that anything we hadn’t used or looked at for over a year we would discard.
    A lot of furniture we gave to our children and only the old stuff we had taken with us from Holland we kept. Of course small items such as our Arabia (Finnish design) tea pot and crockery we kept.
    A certain ruthlessness is needed.
    You seem to enjoy writing which is always my reason for letting the words out. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I’ll now put our second coffee on.


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