Those curves, those lovely curves

Those curves, those lovely curvesPosted on January 21, 2011 by gerard oosterman

After having taken Milo for his twice daily walk I have come to notice that many large blocks of land in our neighbourhood have been converted to multi dwelling town house developments. The original houses are still there but the gardens are now occupying those strata titled town-houses. Most have between 3 or 8 townhouses depending on the size of the original block or the size of the town houses.

In deciding the one we would finally live in was not easy. It is rare that simplicity is maintained and with most of those developments a kind of faux Edwardian or some other English past era is emulated in the ‘style’ of the architecture.

The idea of living close to shops and a place that is not tizzy with a feel of something approaching simplicity and honesty in a dwelling is not as easy as it may sound. We did finally find something that had all those attributes and at an affordable price. But what might have clinched our choice perhaps more than anything was that the driveway into the complex had curves. Now, this for me might well be a throw-back to Dutch Vermeer’s lovely curving, poplar lined country-laneways of the past but both of us seem to be drawn to curves more than straight lines.

 Our previous stay in Moss Vale’s complex of many town house also had a  curved look about it with the different dwellings being somewhat staggered making for the eyes a rather pleasing type of village vista.

Anyway, on my walk with Milo I noticed that many of those town-house developments have rather regimented gardens with ram-rod straight driveways which for us are immediately off putting.

 But, does the curved line hold up to being more pleasing than a straight line? After all, the beauty of a woman is also part curvaceously determined, is it not?.

But what about a man though. He is rather Eckish  ‘rectanglish’ is he not? Is he less attractive? Could it be the curves in his mind that makes him alluring to the female?

Still, a woman’s mind is often very full of curves and round a-bouts as well. How does one explain that then?

As always, there are so many more questions? Where are the answers?

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