Mrs Kafka’s Shopping List

Mrs Kafka’s Shopping ListPosted on December 7, 2010 by gerard oosterman

After finally having a dry day and the visitors departure, we decided to use the lull during the last  very hectic few weeks, to sneak in and do a shop at Aldi’s.  We wouldn’t cook anything, just a piece of fresh salmon, perhaps left for a half hour in a mixture of mirin, ginger and some soya sauce, before frying for a few minutes. Perhaps with micro-waved spuds and some butter. That’s all.

Anyway, after spreading our items on the conveyor together with the green bags to prove we were not stealing, I found an utterly deserted and lonely  shopping list at the bottom of the stainless steel trolley .

It had: Fruit,sardine,mince, ice cream, salami, apple juice, salami.

 Of a curious nature, especially about the shopping and dietary habits of others, I read the list. Of course, I noticed the doubling up of salami. The list was written on a winning NSW lottery ticket  receipt of $ 14.25 

It was made out to a Mrs Kafka. This explained the twice mentioned ‘salami’.  No one with a Kafka name background and nationality could possibly risk going without salami. They invented salami.

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