Sydney Characters

Sydney CharactersPosted on December 2, 2010 by gerard oosterman

Going through all those boxes of collected remnants I found some pictures taken when, for brief period, I had made a dark room in our garage and mucked around with taking pictures and developing them.

Here are some of people that I used to see regularly when strolling through Sydney’s back streets on my way to Argyle Cut and a studio somewhere above it. Was it Harrison Str.?

I would not mind if some of you still remember these men in the pictures. This one is of a news paper seller. An unusual character, totally focussed on spotting the next customer.  He was to be seen at the entrance to Botanical gardens or Hyde park, especially during those ‘concerts in the park’ events. Note his special bag and coin storer.

The second picture is of a more mysterious nature. For many years he was to be seen pushing a kind of large covered stroller. Perhaps it contained his whole world? Perhaps a refugee from Belsen or Auschwitz, still unsure if the world had become a safer place. Perhaps a doctor whose qualifications were not recognized. Who knows?

The third picture gazing at the Opera House is of course from….?

And then an etching of a nude (woman), for some light relief.

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