Delights of Colonoscopy

gerard oosterman says:

September 16, 2010 at 9:31 pm (Edit)

Yes, no area of medicine has richer veins to tap from than the much misaligned colonoscopy. My experiences with the colonoscopy are vast and at the Concord coloscopy unit I am on first name terms with all the professors, doctors and various peerers into the depth and mysteries of the various colons.
Thanks to my advice the complete Wagner’s Ring cycle is now put on during the daily procedures, soothing even the most nervous of patients that might still be hesitant in turning over and draw knees closer to the chest so doctor can have better ‘access.’
Indeed, some years ago I wrote of the virtues of the Coloscopy on the ABC’s Unleashed. I will try and dig it up just for you all to reminisce over those good old times.
I had a close shave once when to my surprise I had the name of a woman on my wrist. Just as I was being prepared for a hysterectomy, I protested vehemently and it was only when nurse lifted my gown to shave me around the conjugals that the mistake was noticed.
Still, I am now so much better for it and my advice is: go for it!



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