A Sort of Life

The picture above is of my paternal grandparents wedding, back in the 1890′s or so. The tall rather forbidding looking man on the right at the back  is my Grandfather, sitting next him, his lovely bride with the gown, my grandmother. A rather sombre looking bridal party. In those days taking interior photos must have been difficult. Perhaps the party was fed up with posing and wanted to get stuck in the vino and food. One of the males seated at the table is Huib Luns. He was the father of Joseph Luns, a future Government minister and Secretary General.

Picture number two is the house that I stayed in after the war, and can still smell the turps and linseed oils that my granddad used for painting. My grandparents had all their six children there and lived there during their entire life.

Next a photo with buckets of  idealism; granddad seen through the window mixing a palette of colours while grandma is seen in the garden carrying some cups. I suppose there were quests seated in the garden. I feel granddad is posing here. He like to smoke and lived to an old age.

The last photo is them in old age. They both wear slippers and are now stooped.

About gerard oosterman

Artist turned hobby farmer,now blogger and writer of tens of thousands of very wise and/or whimsical but hopefully amusing words. All in a certain order.

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