Thor’s Hammer at Brayton

By gerard oosterman


Rain, glorious rain.

We decided to take the kids to Canberra’s National Museum. Before we drove  off, the sky darkened with a promise of great drama to come. They were those kind of clouds, rolling  with menace and Helvi’s headache heralded something was in the air. We and the kids were most impressed with the Museum. Everything was askew and at acute angles. In the big theatre we watched with awe Australia’s white history but not before we had also watched in a smaller theatre the history from ‘black fellow’ Australia. This theatre had a revolving stage, fascinating for the kids. At the bigger theatre all went well, with the braveness of soldiers marching off to some war somewhere  when also all of a sudden a Qantas Boeing was taking off non-stop to somewhere.. I woke up refreshed.

Driving back, the clouds were black and white hot bolts of lightning flashing and thunderous claps sure made for a promise of water at our farm at Brayton.

Wellingtons for Lightning Protection 

It pelted and the rain was drought breaking. I mean, paddocks awash and traffic to a snarl. When arriving home, Helvi checked and the gauge had run over. Empty and fill up again, 32 mls. Another storm, another 26 mls. The thunder and lighting was something to behold. The best for over 5 years. Total tally so far 82mls.

Wollondilly in Action Wollondilly in Action. 


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